First Blog Post of 2018

No, I didn’t forget I have a website/blog. I’ve just been busy elsewhere. Click for the recap.

2017 was a heckuva year, with lots of ups and downs — for me personally, mostly ups. So far, 2018 is following in its footsteps.

One difference is that I’m going to try to blog more this year. And by “more,” I mean “actually do it.” Although I can write a blog post for a client with almost no effort, for some reason I’ve always had difficulty writing my own personal posts with any regularity. But it’s time to change that. I have a voice that deserves to be heard!

Plus, my WordPress hosting just renewed again and I feel guilty that I don’t use it. #speakingmytruth

So here’s what I’ve been up to for the past several months:



I went to Europe for the first time last summer. London, Paris and western France near the Swiss border. It was my first time traveling outside of North America.

Many people in my life have told me about how traveling abroad changes you. Now I understand what they mean. Although everywhere I visited was very western and tourist-friendly, just being on another continent felt so powerful and expansive and completely changed my perspective about the world.

Highlights included Stonehenge, literally everywhere in Paris and a private tour of the LHCb project at CERN. One of these days I’ll finish sorting through my photos (sorry Mom and Dad!) and write more about my trip. I have tons of pages in my journal about the adventures I had and the people I met. It was truly an amazing experience.


Fell In Love with Meditation

This is also something I’m sure I’ll write about more, later on. A few paragraphs don’t do it justice. (Then again, does any amount of words?)

Although I’ve meditated for several years, it was never something I practiced with any consistency until last year. In fact, to be completely honest, it wasn’t something I enjoyed until last year. It felt like a chore, or a vegetable that I knew was good for me but hated to eat. I’d get restless and frustrated that I couldn’t silence my mind.

It was actually in November/December of 2016 that a lot of things in my life began to shift, culminating in some very big changes around this time last year. One of those changes lead me to rediscovering meditation. Now it’s something I do every day — or almost every day. I still skip sometimes, and I still get physically/mentally restless, but it’s a completely different experience than it used to be.

Even when it’s uncomfortable, meditating now feels like returning to a safe, loving place. I feel more grounded and centered than ever before. Now, I can’t imagine where my life would be without meditation.


I Left My Job

Finally, 2017 was the year I left my old career behind. It was something I’d been thinking about for a very long time so when the company I was working for laid off my department, I decided to move forward without looking back.

Since then, I’ve been freelancing, working various part-time/odd jobs, focusing on my writing and art, and starting a business venture with one of my close friends. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been very exciting.

I’ve also felt more empowered than ever. It wasn’t until my last job ended that I realized how trapped I felt. Like I was only capable of that type of work, and it was all I could ever do with my life. Now I realize that I have so many more options.

In the time I’ve spent pursuing other things, I’ve gained a much clearer picture of what a work/life balance looks like for me. But the answer isn’t actually balance. It’s integration. It’s co-creating with people I love on projects that I’m genuinely passionate about, supporting ideas I genuinely believe in, and doing work that feels exciting and new.


Also I Got a Rad Tattoo

In 2017, I finally got my wolf sleeve. Here’s the unfinished line-art:

There’s also an interior part not pictured. I’ll update when I have a better photo.


So That’s What I’ve Been Up To, More or Less

Yep. That’s the recap. I hope you enjoyed it. (Does anyone ever actually see this website?)

Until next time,