Willie at the Goodwill

Last week I met a guy named Willie at the Goodwill on Beverly.

Willie says there’s only two things you need to remember in life. First, you need to remember the day you’re born. Second, you need to remember the day you leave this world. The day the Lord calls you home.

Willie says you can change everything else. Power company calls up, you can ask ’em to change the day your bill is due. You can postpone that. But you can’t change the day you were born, ’cause it already happened, and you can’t postpone the day you go to Heaven, ’cause that’s just non-negotiable.

Willie says he tells his kids not to worry about him dying. Says not to worry if he walks out the door one day and gets hit by a firetruck or something. Go ahead and sue ’em, sure, but don’t get all sad about it.

Anyway, says Willie, he’ll just come back. He’ll come back as a dancing angel.

He wants to be a dancing angel, and not a death angel, ’cause death angels scare people. You see a death angel, you’re gonna get freaked out and run the other way.

But you see a dancing angel come to getcha, you’re just gonna laugh and smile and go.

Then Willie asks me to move the bags of clothes I’m dropping off so that he can keep the walkway clear.